Public Entity Risk Services of Ohio (PERSO) provides risk management services to all PEP members by delivering a wide array of resources and services. Dedicated PEP Risk Services Consultants and Cyber Risk Services Advisor, supported by a Director of Risk Services, delivers these resources and services to members by: conducting field inspections and consultative surveys that may result in risk control recommendations; responding to members' special requests regarding specific exposures and questions; advising members on risk control recommendations; assisting in the development of safety programs, procedures and policies; providing training and resources to assist in training; and identifying emerging exposures to be addressed through risk management or coverage, or a combination thereof. Each resource and service is integrated into a holistic approach geared to prevent injuries, protect members' assets and reduce claims and losses for PEP members.
To contact Risk Services, (866) 907-3776

Mike Boyd

Director of Risk Services

Diana Woolf

Risk Services Consultant

Nick Leach

Risk Services Consultant

Susana Vignon

Risk Services Consultant

Colette Klier

Sr. Manager, Cyber Risk Services

Eric Adonteng

Cyber Risk Services Advisor