The Public Entities Pool of Ohio (PEP) is a local government risk-sharing pool comprised of local public entities other than townships. The membership includes: cities, counties, fire and ambulance districts, villages, health districts, agricultural societies, and parks and recreation districts. More than 580 of these political subdivisions receive programs and benefits specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of this group of public entities. By providing its members with stable, proactive, responsive and cost-effective coverage for their risk management needs, PEP is the leading insurance alternative for public entities in the state of Ohio.

In 1986, Greene County, the Warren County Planning Board and the City of Loveland joined together and formed the Public Entities Pool of Ohio. From the original three members, PEP has grown to now include more than 580 public entities. The three founding members, Greene County, Warren County Planning Commission, and the City of Loveland, remain valued members of PEP. 

In 1991, the PEP Board of Directors entered into sponsorship agreements with two agencies, the Ohio Parks & Recreation Association and the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners. These relationships remain today, and PEP continues to provide specialized coverages to meet the unique needs of park districts and health districts and departments.


In 2015, the Coalition of Ohio Regional Districts (CORD) provided its endorsement of PEP. CORD is a non-profit association established to assist, protect and advance the interests of Ohio's Regional Water and Sewer Districts.


And in 2017, PEP was pleased to add the Ohio Municipal League (OML) to its list of endorsing agencies. The OML has been representing the collective interests of Ohio cities and villages since 1952.


During the last 30 years, PEP has continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of its members.  PEP implemented a risk management program to reduce claims and related expenses, minimize injuries to employees and others, and protect members' assets. In that regard, PEP members enjoy personalized loss control visits and services. And, to further assist members in their risk management needs, PEP launched an online library in 2000 which now offers thousands of documents and online training materials, all at no cost to its members.

Coverages were also enhanced over the years. In 2009, the coverage document was amended to add paved athletic surfaces to covered property; lease gap coverage was also provided.  In 2010, gutters and downspouts were added as covered property. The most recent enhancement, in response to a changing marketplace, was to provide coverage enhancements to all members in the areas of cyber liability and electronic data in 2011. And, in 2016, the Board of Directors announced an updated and expanded Legal Defense and Claim Payment Agreement (LDCPA), which responds to trending exposures and coverage's such as drones, and refreshes and clarifies other coverage provisions to reflect changes and trends in the insurance/pooling industry.


In 2017, The Public Entities Pool of Ohio proudly celebrated serving our members in the State of Ohio for the past three decades.   


The PEP Board of Directors looks forward to continuing to provide its members with the most responsive and easy-to-use risk management program for public entities throughout the State of Ohio!



To form a local government risk pool, to provide for a joint or cooperative action by Members relative to their financial and administrative resources for the purpose of providing risk management services and risk-sharing facilities to the Members and to the Members' employees, and to defend and protect any Member of the Pool against liability.



The Public Entities Pool of Ohio (PEP) was designed to offer Ohio public entities liability and property coverage at a fair and stable price. PEP has met this goal.

The PEP program is endorsed by the Ohio Municipal League, the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners, the Ohio Parks & Recreation Association and the Coalition of Ohio Regional Districts. PEP is the oldest public entity pool in Ohio with more than 580 members.

PEP was formed as a local government risk-sharing pool to provide risk management services, risk sharing  facilities and protection for every Member of the Pool. PEP is a governmental risk-sharing pool that provides a viable alternative to traditional insurance, and is committed to these goals.