Claims Team - Public Entity Risk Services
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Public Entity Risk Services of Ohio (PERSO) provides claims management services on behalf of PEP and is equipped with the requisite expertise to manage the specific types of claims that PEP members face. The claims team includes attorneys highly experienced in litigation management, as well as property and casualty specialists who are skilled in investigation, evaluation and negotiation of losses and claims against political subdivisions.

Loss Control Team - Public Entity Risk Services of Ohio
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Public Entity Risk Services of Ohio (PERSO) provides risk management services to all PEP members by delivering a wide array of resources and services. A dedicated PEP Loss Control Specialist and Supervisor, supported by a Loss Control Field Manager, delivers these resources and services to members by: conducting field inspections and consultative surveys that may result in risk control recommendations; responding to members' special requests regarding specific exposures and questions; advising members on risk control recommendations; assisting in development of safety programs, procedures and policies; providing training and resources to assist in training; and identifying emerging exposures to be addressed through risk management or coverage, or a combination thereof. Each resource and service is integrated into a holistic approach geared to prevent injuries, protect members' assets and reduce claims and losses for PEP members.

Sales & Service Team

The sales and service teams work directly with PEP members or with the member's insurance agent to ensure those members and agents are receiving the best service possible. The team process all underwriting modifications and renewal applications throughout the year, respond to coverage inquiries and changes, and meet with every PEP member at least annually to advise both members and agents as needed on any issues the member may be facing and to advise with regard to upcoming coverage and loss control enhancements.

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