Property Appraisal Program

In order to ensure that Member buildings are properly valued, PEP has partnered with a property appraisal firm to conduct appraisals on qualified and scheduled buildings over a five-year period. The details of the program are as follows:
 1. All buildings scheduled at $100,000 or more will be appraised
 2. If a Member does not have a building scheduled at $100,000, the building with the highest value will be appraised
 3. Members will receive a copy of all appraisals.
Members will receive an email advising them of their upcoming appraisal so that the appointment may be conveniently scheduled. Please note this service is being provided as a benefit of PEP membership.

Public Entities Pool of Ohio (PEP) is a public entity group self-insurance program that provides first-class
property and liability coverages to political subdivisions in the State of Ohio and is endorsed by the Ohio
Municipal League, The Association of Ohio Health Commissioners, Ohio Parks & Recreation Association
and the Coalition of Ohio Regional Districts.