Law Enforcement Resources

Law Enforcement Resources Now Available!
The Public Entities Pool of Ohio is pleased to provide its members with access to Law Enforcement Policies (including Ohio Collaborative Compliant Policies) and Online Training – all free of charge to PEP members!
PEP has partnered with a law enforcement vendor, Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute (LLRMI), to provide policies and online training that are compliant with both federal law and the laws of the State of Ohio and the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board. 
The Policy Learning Library contains more than 75 sample policies and forms that are available for downloading and customization.  All users will be notified in the event of a change to a policy or form so that members will always have access to current polices and forms.  In addition to the policies and forms, more than 150 short, relevant online training modules are also available in the Online Training Learning Library for viewing.  Officers can train at their convenience, on topics relevant to law enforcement, and Chiefs will be able to access the data relative to officer training.
To access the policies and online training, please click the link below.  Then click on Law Enforcement Policies or Law Enforcement Online training, fill out the form, and click "Submit.”  Once your PEP membership is verified, you will receive a welcome email providing a username, and allowing you to set a password for accessing LLRMI’s Learning Library.