The benefit of a risk pool specifically tailored to serving the unique needs of public entities is that PEP has the ability to react quickly to changes in property or liability exposures. In that regard, PEP has provided coverage to its members for unique exposures, when the traditional marketplace refused. Coverage for paved athletic surfaces, lease gap and gutters and downspouts are examples of situations wherein public entities in Ohio had difficulty obtaining coverage.  PEP was quick to respond. In response to a changing marketplace, coverage enhancements were provided to all members in the areas of cyber liability and electronic data in 2011.  And, in 2016, the PEP Board of Directors announced an updated and expanded Legal Defense and Claim Payment Agreement (LDCPA) which responds to trending exposures and coverages such as drones, and refreshes and clarifies other coverage provisions to reflect changes and trends in the insurance/pooling industry.   As public entity exposures change, PEP responds!